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“K.C. is a tour de force, possessed of extraordinary talent as a writer, writing instructor and public lecturer. She teaches persuasively, coherently, and in a manner tailored to the individual student. She is also incredibly personable and down to earth, qualities which allow for easy communication with students.”
– Roy King, PhD, MD, MDiv
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Emeritus, Stanford University
Executive Director, Westhaven Center for the Arts

“K.C. Wilder helped me blow through a roadblock that had stymied me for years. I had tried everything to finish just the last few pages of a book manuscript I really loved. Then I took her 4-week workshop and finished the dang thing a few days before the last class. What was her secret? A golden blend of K.C.’s personally encouraging words, saying how much she liked my story already; her in-class flash-writing assignments; and some old-fashioned kicks in the pants. Rather than concentrating on the roadblock, as I had done, K.C. concentrated on the road.”
– Margaret Kellermann, Author of Annie California

Write your way through life change. Enhance your corporate performance with a creative outlet. Conquer your fears. Put pen to paper (or fingertips to the keyboard) and complete that writing project that’s been hanging over your head. In academic, corporate, or club settings, K.C. guides groups to use writing in any genre to explore and more fully experience the world.

Looking to dive deeper? Need one-on-one help with a particular writing project or goal? This is the writing workshop experience that’s all about you. Whether you need one session or a series, K.C. will help you develop and execute a plan that clears the hurdles to attaining your writing goals.

From guest posts to ghostwriting, K.C. offers blogging services to help build your business. Develop readership that offers your clients the information they need and fosters their relationship with you.

Social Media Management
Jack of all trades, master of none? To succeed in any business today, a social media presence is a must. If you’re tired of juggling this obligation, turn it over to K.C. for seamless daily interaction with your clients via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Copywriting, Editing, and Proofreading
Whether you need to update the copy on your web site and brochures, or polish that e-book giveaway for new clients, let K.C. put her sharp eye and passion for grammatical perfection to work for you.

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